Learning from Leviticus (PM)

Scripture Reading:  Leviticus 26:14‒26


Although few would identify Leviticus as their favorite book of the Bible, there are a great many lessons to be gleaned from it.


I.  We learn about the seriousness of sin.

A.  Every sin required an atoning sacrifice, even if committed unawares (Leviticus 1‒7).

B.  These sacrifices had to be made perpetually (Leviticus 6:12‒13; cf. Hebrews 9:24‒10:11).

C.  Willful sin was to be punished severely, either with expulsion (Leviticus 7:1‒4, 20‒21, 27) or death (20:2, 9‒17, 27).

II.  We learn the importance of holiness in the sight of God.

A.  The distinction between clean and unclean must be respected at all times (10:3, 10).

B.  God gave Israel detailed rules about the purification of priests (Leviticus 8) and of lepers (Leviticus 14).

C.  God also taught Israel how to keep themselves holy in every way (Leviticus 11:44).

D.  He taught them that things which are sacred must never be profaned (Leviticus 5:14‒16; 22:32; 19:30; 23:29‒30).


A.  We also learn the importance of God’s children coming together (Leviticus 23) and of order in our worship (Leviticus 1).

B.  We learn too that all that we might think to buy or sell really belongs to God alone (Leviticus 25).

C.  I can also see that man’s greatest problem and greatest need haven’t changed at all in 3,500 years.

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