How Much? (PM)

Scripture Reading:  1 Kings 12:25–33


A.  Anytime we make a decision on a big purchase, we should try our best to count the cost first.

B.  Sin always carries unexpected expenses along with it—a fact we should know before we make our choice to serve it.


I.  Jeroboam promised the people a great deal.

A.  He was expected to lighten the load that Solomon had placed upon them (cf. 1 Kings 12:4, 14).

B.  He would put an end to the favoritism given to the tribe of Judah (cf. 1 Kings 9:11; 12:16; 4:26–28).

C.  He promised them greater convenience in their worship (1 Kings 12:28–33).

II.  The people liked what they heard, but forgot to ask the cost.

A.  It cost them their alliance with the divinely blessed house of David (cf. 2 Samuel 7:14–16).

B.  It cost them their liberty and their relationship with God (cf. Deuteronomy 12:5; 2 Kings 17:20–23).

III.  We need to count the cost as well.

A.  Satan and his emissaries will promise us liberty (2 Peter 2:19; John 8:34; Romans 6:16).

B.  The true consequence of sin is bondage, separation from God, and death (Isaiah 59:1–2; Ecclesiastes 11:9–10; Romans 6:23).

C.  The good news is that those in bondage can be set free (Romans 6:1–7, 17–18, 23; John 8:31–32).


A.  Israel thought they were getting a great deal, but they forgot to ask how much the exchange would cost them.

B.  When the world makes promises, never forget to ask, “How much?”

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