Daniel: Voice of Hope (AM)

Scripture Reading:  Daniel 2:44


A.  One of the marvels of Bible study is that even the most familiar texts can often reveal fresh truths to inspire us.

B.  When Daniel and his companions were taken to Babylon, they were robbed of much more than their freedom.

C.  Throughout this history, Daniel encounters one trouble after another, but he is always able to see God at work in it all.


I.  Daniel saw more than his fair share of troubles.

A.  He experienced them in his youth, even before he arrived in Babylon (2 Kings 23:35; 24:2).

B.  He experienced them in the fall of different nations (Daniel 4:33; 5:30–31).

C.  He saw them well into the future both for his captors (Daniel 4:25; 5:26–28) and his own people (10:14; 11:31–33).

II.  In the midst of all these troubles, Daniel could see God at work.

A.  He saw God at work in the changing of human government (Daniel 4:17, 25; 5:21).

B.  He saw God working into the future for a grand purpose (Daniel 2:44).

C.  In the midst of all these troubles, it was prayer that kept Daniel alive (Daniel 6:10; 9:3–19; cf. Jeremiah 29:7).


A.  Daniel’s final revelation is a message that should comfort us even to the present day (Daniel 12:1–3; cf. Matthew 13:43; John 5:28–29).

B.  Whatever may be troubling you in life, remember that you are a part of God’s eternal kingdom and that God still has a plan.

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