Reasons for Faith (PM)

Introduction       1 Peter 3:8–15

A.  Peter encouraged the brethren of Asia Minor to be prepared to give a reason for their great hope.

B.  Genuine faith has always been based squarely upon sound reason (Isaiah 1:18; Acts 17:2; 18:4; 24:25; 28:29; Romans 12:1).


I.  There are tangible reasons for our faith.

A.  Nature itself offers many reasons to believe in an intelligent Creator (Romans 1:19–20; Acts 14:17; Hebrews 3:4).

B.  Archaeological discoveries continue to support what we read in the Scriptures.

II.  There are many reasons for faith from the Scriptures.

A.  The harmony of the Scriptures is one piece of evidence for their divine origin.

B.  The preservation of the text gives yet another reason to accept the Scriptures as authentic (Matthew 24:35).

C.  The Bible is both exhaustive and concise (John 16:13).

D.  The Scriptures have always surpassed human understanding (Galatians 1:11–12; 2 Peter 1:20–21).

III.  The existence of morality also presents strong reason for faith.

A.  Even among unbelievers there is a consensus that some things are right while other things are wrong.

B.  Morals could not be produced by purely natural processes (cf. Romans 2:14–15).


A.  While faith then supplies the reason for our hope, it is not without reason of its own (2 Timothy 3:14).

B.  If you want a solid faith, seek the reasons that God has provided.

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