Who Can Be Against Us? (PM)

Scripture Reading:  Romans 8:28–39   |   Spanish/Español


A.  It is easy to become fearful when the winds blow on the sea of life, but we must have faith (Luke 8:24–25).

B.  Sometimes we need to be reminded that God is working out a plan with our best interest in mind (Romans 8:28; Matthew 10:29–31).


I.  Through all the hardships, God was always with Joseph.

A.  Joseph’s brothers intended evil against him, but God used it for good (Genesis 50:20).

B.  Potiphar’s wife meant to harm him (Genesis 39:13–20), but God used it for good (41:25–45).

II.  God was always with David.

A.  Nobody seemed to expect much out of David (1 Samuel 16:11; 17:33), but God used him for great things (17:48–53).

B.  Saul tried repeatedly to kill David (1 Samuel 18:11; 19:10, 15), but God put the kingdom in his hand (13:14).

C.  David often felt abandoned and betrayed (1 Samuel 23:12, 19; Psalms 22:1–2), but God was always with Him (Psalms 22:24; 23:4).

III.  Through all the hardships, God was always with Paul.

A.  Paul was scourged and imprisoned (Acts 16:23) and nearly killed (14:19) multiple times, but God used even this for good (16:30–34; 2 Timothy 3:10ff).

B.  Satan gave him a thorn for harm (2 Corinthians 12:7), but God again used it for good (v 9).


A.  God not only has the power to help us through our trials, but He can even turn each of them into a powerful blessing.

B.  We may not always understand why we must endure such things, but we can trust that God has a plan to work it all for our good.

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