What the Lord is to Me (PM)

Scripture Reading:  Psalm 18:1–6


A.  The Hebrews often named their children with phrases meant to bring glory to the God of Israel.

B.  Let’s look at some individuals whose names and lives alike said something special about the God they served.


I.  Elijah: “My God is Jehovah.”

A.  Elijah demonstrated a strong faith in Jehovah his God (James 5:16–17; 1 Kings 17:3–5; 18:1–2).

B.  Elijah was zealous for Jehovah his God (1 Kings 18:17–28).

C.  Like John, we should go forth into this world in the spirit of Elijah (Luke 1:17).

II.  Hezekiah: “Jehovah is my strength.”

A.  It took a lot of strength to make the reforms that this king had to make (2 Kings 18).

B.  It also took strength to face the threats of the Assyrians (2 Kings 18:28ff; 2 Chronicles 32:1–8).

III.  Micah: “Who is like Jehovah?”

A.  Micah asks, “Who is a God like unto thee” (Micah 7:18)?

B.  Indeed our God has no equal (Micah 7:19–20; Isaiah 44:6–8).

IV.  Jesus: “Jehovah is salvation.”

A.  Jehovah was the salvation of Israel (Exodus 14:30).

B.  Through Jehovah we have the only hope of salvation today in Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:21; Luke 19:10; Acts 4:9–12).


A.  Even if Jehovah is not your God or your strength today, He will certainly be your judge one day (Revelation 20:12).

B.  If you will submit to Jehovah, He will be everything to you.

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