What Do You See in Jesus?

by Roby Ellis

[Scripture Reading: John 7:10-13]


A. Throughout Jesus’ public life, people had different perceptions about Him which varied dramatically.

B. What do you see when you think of Jesus?

I. The people who met Jesus saw Him in very different ways.

A. Some saw Him as a great teacher and as a prophet (John 3:2; 14:19; 6:14; 7:40-41; 9:17).

B. Some saw Him as an impostor (John 7:12; 9:16; 12:47-49).

C. Some saw Him as a serious threat (John 11:47-48; 12:19; Matthew 27:19).

D. Some saw Him as an agent of Satan himself (John 5:16-18; 8:59; 10:31-33; Matthew 12:23-24).

II. What do you see in Jesus?

A. Do you see someone always gentle (cf. John 2:15)?

B. Do you see someone who never makes waves (cf. John 5:17; 7:21-23; Matthew 15:3-6; 10:34-37)?

C. Do you see someone who overlooks sin (cf. John 5:14)?

D. Do you see someone you could never possibly please (cf. Matthew 11:28-30; 1 John 5:3)?

E. Do you see one who couldn’t understand (cf. Hebrew 4:15-16)?


A. How you see Jesus will be greatly affected by how you approach Him and what you are looking for when you come.

B. Instead of trying to fit Jesus into our mold for Him, let us seek Him on His terms and let Him have His way with our lives.

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