What About Tomorrow? (PM)

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 6:25–34


A.  While the news has a lot of people worried these days, Jesus tells us not to worry about things beyond our control (Matthew 6:25–34).

B.  As life’s essentials continue to rise in cost, keep in mind that “life is more than meat” and that “the body is more than raiment” (v 25).


I.  God has always taken care of His children.

A.  From captivity to Canaan, God took care of the nation of Israel (Exodus 8:22; 9:26; 10:23; 15:23–25; 16:14–21).

B.  During a 3½-year drought, God took care of Elijah (1 Kings 17:1–16).

C.  God even took care of Jonah (Jonah 1:7).

II.  When times get tough, we must not take our eyes off the mark.

A.  Although he was faithful in all that God required of him, even Elijah faltered at times (1 Kings 17:20; 19:3–10).

B.  Peter’s faith also wavered at times (Matthew 14:30; 26:69–75).

C.  While Paul was certainly not a perfect man, he did his best to keep his eye on the mark (Philippians 3:1–14).

III.  We need to remember that God is still in control.

A.  Nebuchadnezzar and Agrippa had to learn that they didn’t have as much control as they thought (Daniel 4:30–37; Acts 12:23).

B.  Some things need to be left in the hands of the Omniscient (Deuteronomy 29:29; Romans 8:28).

C.  When everything seems to be falling apart, God has a plan.


A.  The days ahead are always full of uncertainty, be we needn’t worry.

B.  Satan wants you to regret yesterday and would love for you to fear tomorrow, but God only asks that you be faithful to Him today!

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