Change of Name (AM)

Scripture Reading:  Isaiah 62:2


A.  People change their names for a lot of different reasons.

B.  The greatest name change that we can ever have isn’t granted by any earthly court, but by God Himself.


I.  The Bible is filled with examples of name changes.

A.  There were several places that got new names (Genesis 28:15; 1 Chronicles 11:4).

B.  There were also several people who were given new names (Acts 4:36; Genesis 35:18; 41:45; Daniel 1:7; 2 Kings 23:34; 24:17).

C.  In a few special cases, people’s names were changed by God (Genesis 17:5, 15; 35:10; John 1:42).

II.  God has given His people a new name.

A.  This naming was foretold centuries before it occurred (Isaiah 62:2; cf. 1 Kings 13:2; Isaiah 44:28–45).

B.  The new name that God has given is the name “Christian” (Acts 11:26).

C.  This is one who obeys God’s word (Acts 11:20–24), shows God’s love (vv 27–30), and follows God’s pattern (vv 26, 31).

D.  God has always been particular about His holy name; we should wear it with care (Exodus 20:7; Deuteronomy 12:5; Ezekial 36:20–22).

E.  This name is worth suffering for (1 Peter 4:14–16).


A.  How are you representing Christ to the world?

B.  If you want to have this beautiful name, you must come to God, for He is the only one who can bestow it.

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