Two Evils (PM)

Scripture Reading:  Jeremiah 2:8–14


A.  Jeremiah prophesied in the nation of Judah during troubled days.

B.  During the reigns of Josiah’s wicked sons, Judah suffered many terrible calamities (2 Chronicles 36:5–7; 2 Kings 25:3; 2 Chronicles 36:14–21).

C.  God said through Jeremiah, “My people have committed two evils.”


I.  Judah’s first evil was that they forsook the Lord.

A.  God knew this would happen from the beginning (Deuteronomy 33:6–8, 16–17; Joshua 24:16–20; 2 Chronicles 15:2).

B.  When Israel forsook God, it was not because of unfaithfulness on His part (Jeremiah 2:5–9; Micah 6:1–5; Isaiah 5:1–7; Jeremiah 2:20–21).

C.  God warned Israel that there would be serious consequences for forsaking Him (2 Chronicles 7:19–22; Isaiah 1:29–30; 65:11–14).

II.  Judah’s second evil was that they worshiped other gods.

A.  Judah had begun worshiping gods of wood and stone (Jeremiah 2:23–28; Isaiah 44:9–19; Acts 7:42).

B.  These gods that they had chosen could do nothing for them (1 Kings 18:26–29; Psalms 115:1–8; Jeremiah 2:27–28).

C.  This action was without precedent even in the heathen world (Jeremiah 2:10–12)!

III.  Will we learn from Judah’s mistakes or repeat them ourselves?

A.  God pleaded with Judah to learn a lesson from her fallen sister Israel, but she didn’t (Jeremiah 3:6–11).

B.  Have any of us forsaken the Lord or followed other gods?


A.  No one can save us but the Lord (Jeremiah 2:36–37).

B.  Will you commit these two evils, or will you cleave to the Lord forever and love Him with your whole heart?

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