“Tell No One”

by Roby Ellis

[Scripture Reading: Luke 5:13-15]


A. When we experience something extraordinary, we naturally want to tell others about it, as was often the case with the people of the first century who met the wonderful Man of Galilee.

B. On many occasions, however, Jesus would tell someone He had just healed of leprosy or blindness to tell no one who He was.

 C. To us, however, He has given the commandment to tell all men.


I. Why did Jesus command these people to tell no one?

A. In the first place, it is clear that the disciples were not yet fully equipped to tell others Who Jesus was (Matthew 16:21-22).

B. Furthermore, the time had not yet come for Jesus’ deity to be revealed to the world (John 2:4).

C. Such a revelation could have injured His work instead of supporting it (Matthew 12:18-21).

II. We are commanded to tell everyone.

A. Disciples of Jesus were first sent on what have been called “limited commissions” (Matthew 10; Luke 10).

B. After His resurrection, Jesus’ disciples were sent out on what has been termed the “Great Commission” (Matthew 28:18-20).

III. Jesus’ commandments have never been regarded as they should.

A. Many of those commanded to tell no one disobeyed (Luke 5:14-16; 8:30-31,56; Matthew 9:26).

B. Many commanded to tell all men have similarly disobey.


If those Jesus healed physically had difficulty keeping quiet when they were supposed to, why should we, healed spiritually, have difficulty speaking up when permitted and commanded to do so?

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