Remember Lot's Wife (AM)

Scripture Reading:  Genesis 19:24–26


A.  When Jesus warned His disciples about the destruction of Jerusalem, He urged them to “remember Lot’s wife” (Luke 17:32).

B.  Lot’s wife had also been warned, but she found it hard to leave Sodom behind. What lessons can we learn from Lot’s wife?


I.  There are many examples of people who have looked back.

A.  The nation of Israel made a habit of turning back to vain things (Acts 7:39–40; Judges 2:17–19).

B.  During his missionary career, Paul was disappointed by several who turned back (Acts 15:38; 2 Timothy 4:10).

C.  There were some in the region of Galatia who had turned back from serving God (Galatians 1:6; 3:3; 4:8–9; 5:7–8).

D.  Many of the Jews who had become Christians found it difficult to leave Judaism (Hebrews 10:35–39).

II.  What we have left behind is not worth looking back on.

A.  Sodom was certainly not worth looking back on (Genesis 14:12–16; 2 Peter 2:7–8; Genesis 19:9; 18:32).

B.  This world promises us liberty, but it only gives bondage and death (2 Peter 2:18–22; Romans 6:20–21).

C.  When we become Christians, we must leave these vain things behind us (Romans 6; Colossians 3:5–8; Philippians 3:8).


A.  What we have is something far better than what we left behind, and the best things of all are those joys that lie still ahead of us!

B.  The Lord’s warnings spared Christians the trials that befell the Jews of Jerusalem when the city fell, and His warnings can keep us from perishing with this world (Hebrews 10:35–39).

C.  Let us put our hands to the plow and never look back (Luke 9:62)!

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