Learning from the Master

by Roby Ellis

[Scripture Reading: Matthew 11:25-30]


A. Learning is a complex process, and sometimes we need to be taught the same lesson repeatedly before we really learn it.

B. The most important lessons and skills that we will ever learn are those that we will learn from Jesus (Matthew 11:29).


I. Jesus provides all the tools we need for these important lessons.

A. He provides the authority that all true learning requires (Matthew 7:29; 28:18-20).

B. He provides the instruction that every disciple needs in order to learn (Matthew 13:36; 17:10-13).

C. He constantly challenges us to reach for new heights (Matthew 5:20; 14:16).

II. There are also things He expects us to bring to this process.

A. When we seek to learn from Him, we must have discipline and dedication (Matthew 17:20-21; 1 Peter 2:20-24).

B. We must be willing to listen, no matter how hard the lesson may be (Deuteronomy 5:1; John 9:27; Matthew 13:14-19; 20:20-28).

C. Learning requires humility and occasional correction (Matthew 9:13; 19:4; 16:23; 18:1-4; 26:8-13).


A. Learning is a slow, difficult, and tedious process, but learning is what disciples are supposed to do.

B. Jesus has given us a yoke to carry, but if we will let Him teach us, we will find that it isn’t as heavy as we might think.

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