Learning from David (PM)

Scripture Reading:  Acts 13:16–23


A.  We have been looking at what the OT can teach us (Romans 15:4).

B.  Tonight we want to survey the volatile life of one of the most prominent and colorful characters in all the Bible—king David.


I.  We learn that God can exalt the most humble to lofty heights.

A.  David’s family tree was not distinguished (Matthew 1:5).

B.  God made him victorious over the giant (1 Samuel 17).

C.  God exalted him above his brothers (1 Samuel 16:13).

D.  God exalted him over all his people (Psalms 78:70–72).

E.  God exalted him over all his enemies (Psalms 18:1–3).

F.  God promised to establish for him an eternal dynasty (1 Chronicles 17:10–14).

II.  We learn that even the greatest can fall (and often fall farthest).

A.  David’s reputation was forever tarnished by his murder of Uriah the Hittite (1 Kings 15:5).

B.  Because of his sin, David’s house was ravaged by the sword (2 Samuel 12:14; cf. 2 Samuel 12–1 Kings 2).

III.  We learn that God is always willing to forgive.

A.  God “put away” David’s sin (2 Samuel 12:13).

B.  David often prayed for God’s forgiveness and thanked Him for it constantly (Psalms 51:1–3; 32:1–2; 86:3–5; 25:11; 103:3–4).


A.  From David we also know that the Messiah would rise (Psalms 16:10), that His would be a new and greater priesthood (Psalms 110:4), and that there remains a rest for God’s people (Psalms 95:7–11).

B.  From David’s life we also learn that God never forsakes His children (Psalms 22) and that it is always safe to put our trust in Him.

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