David, After God's Own Heart (AM)

Scripture Reading:  Acts 13:21–23


We do not see a perfect man in David, yet the Bible tells us that God found in him a man “after His own heart.” What did God see in him?


I.  What did others see in David?

A.  They saw someone of little consequence (1 Samuel 16:11; 17:28, 33, 42).

B.  They saw someone to be hated (1 Samuel 18:19; 24:8–14; 29:4; 25:10; 2 Samuel 6:20).

C.  They saw a man out of touch with his senses (1 Samuel 21:12–15), with reality (2 Samuel 3:25), with his people (2 Samuel 15:3–6), and even with God (2 Samuel 16:8; Psalms 3:1–2; 22:6–8).

II.  What did God see in David?

A.  He saw a man of tremendous faith and courage (1 Chronicles 28:1–6).

B.  He saw a man who prayed to Him in times of distress (Psalms 59:1–3; 57:1; 54:1; 56:1–4; 51:1–2).

C.  He saw a man who praised Him with all his heart (Psalms 18:1, 46–49; 9:1–2; 13:1–2).

III.  What did David see?

A.  He saw the Messiah (Psalms 110:4; 22:15–18; 16:9–10).

B.  He saw a rest for God’s people (Psalms 95:7–11).

C.  He saw that God does not impute sin to those who are faithful to Him (Psalms 32:1–2; cf. Romans 4:5–25).


God is still seeking men and women after His own heart, to whom He will show great things. You don’t have to be perfect, just faithful!

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