Change of Thinking (AM)

Scripture Reading:  Luke 22:31–32


A.  There are times in life when we realize that our decision-making tools aren’t what we need them to be.

B.  When Jesus died on Calvary, Peter came to realize that something had been terribly wrong with his thinking.


I.  Peter’s thinking wasn’t all wrong, but it wasn’t all right either.

A.  Peter was absolutely right about some things (John 6:66–69; Matthew 16:16; Luke 5:5).

B.  Peter refused to believe that Jesus would be killed (Matthew 16:21–23).

C.  Peter expected the doors of the kingdom to be open only to the Jews (Acts 10:9–28).

D.  The Jesus that Peter was ready to die for wasn’t real Jesus (Matthew 26:33–35, 51–56).

II.  Peter’s thinking was challenged repeatedly.

A.  It was challenged by the things that Jesus taught (Matthew 15:11–15).

B.  It was challenged by the things that Jesus did and didn’t do (John 13:6–10; Matthew 26:52–54).

C.  It was challenged by the things that Jesus told him (Matthew 16:21–23; 18:21–22; 19:27–30; John 13:36–38).

III.  When Peter’s thinking changed, it was changed for the better.

A.  The change took him from despair to tremendous faith (Acts 4:19–20; 5:29; 12:1–6).

B.  It opened the door for salvation to the whole world (Acts 10:28–29).


A.  Has Jesus challenged your thinking?

B.  Challenges are an important part of maturing as a Christian. We must never fear the truth, for it is the truth that makes us free (John 8:32)!

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