What Will You Do With Jesus? (PM)

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 27:11–25


A.  In the days that preceded the crucifixion of Jesus, many people remained undecided about who He was (John 7:11, 40–53).

B.  When the week of Christ’s passion arrived, however, the time for debate had turned to the time to take a position.


I.  As Pilate learned, this is a choice that everyone must make.

A.  It is a very serious decision (John 19:7–12; Matthew 27:19).

B.  You have to make this decision yourself (cf. Luke 23:5–7; John 18:31; Mark 15:9–12).

C.  You cannot shirk the responsibility (cf. Matthew 27:24–25).

II.  What did the disciples do with Jesus?

A.  Judas betrayed Jesus (Matthew 26:15, cf. Zechariah 11:12).

B.  Peter denied Jesus (Matthew 26:69–75; Luke 22:61).

C.  All the disciples forsook Him (Matthew 26:56, cf. 19:27).

D.  As we look at what these twelve men did with Jesus, do we see any reflections of ourselves?

III.  What will you do with Jesus?

A.  Will you crown Him or crucify Him (Acts 3:13–15; Hebrews 6:6; 1 Timothy 6:15)?

B.  Will you forsake Him or follow Him (Hebrews 10:25; 2 Peter 2:15; Luke 9:23)?

C.  Will you revile Him or revere Him (Luke 23:39–41)?


A.  One day Jesus will decide what to do with us (John 5:22).

B.  Pilate never thought that he would one day stand before Jesus, but he will (Revelation 20:12), and so will every one of us!

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