Without Form And Comeliness (AM)

Scripture Reading:  John 1:10–13


A.  Paul tells us that the Jews of his age failed to see Jesus in the prophets because they read with veiled hearts (2 Corinthians 3:14–15).

B.  Isaiah wrote that God’s Servant would be endued with His Spirit (42:1–4), restore Israel and enlighten the Gentiles (49:1–7), serve with His all (50:4–11), and suffer rejection from His people (52:13–53:12).

C.  How could such a man be anything but beautiful in the eyes of the people He was sent to rescue?


I.  Jesus was not the beautiful Messiah that most people expected.

A.  Isaiah had predicted this (53:2).

B.  Jesus’ teachings about divorce (Matthew 19:1–9) and the kingdom (Matthew 13:34–35) made Him unattractive to many.

C.  Many also disliked the way He challenged old traditions (Matthew 15:1–6) and ignored the social order (Matthew 11:19).

II.  The real Jesus is still unattractive to most.

A.  People would like to take what they want and leave the rest (cf. Matthew 19:16–22; 12:38–40; 25:31–46; John 10:25–29).

B.  There are many things that everyone finds attractive about Jesus (Luke 23:43; Matthew 9:36; 11:28–30; 18:1–5, 10–14).

C.  On the other hand, His commands to go the second mile (Matthew 5:38–48), to forgive repeatedly (18:22), and to put self last (Matthew 20:26–28) are not as attractive.


A.  The world is satisfied with taking what they like about the Christ (just as the Jews did), but a true disciple is one who will accept even what he finds distasteful or hard to understand.

B.  The real Jesus is beautiful in every way, but it will take a lifetime of discipleship for any of us to fully appreciate His real beauty.

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