Unforgettable (PM)

Scripture Reading:  Acts 24:22–27


A.  There are some things in life nearly impossible to forget, even though we might wish we could forget some of them.

B.  There are also some sermons that are hard to forget.


I.  Felix heard a powerful sermon.

A.  This sermon was logical (Acts 24:25), just like all of Paul’s sermons (17:2, 17; 18:4, 19; 19:9; 20:7).

B.  This sermon was practical (Acts 24:25).

C.  This sermon was personal.

II.  The same message has different effects on different hearts.

A.  Jesus talked about this reality in the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1–9, 18–23).

B.  The gospel can make you mad (Acts 7:57–59).

C.  The gospel can make you sad (Matthew 19:22).

D.  The gospel can make you glad (Acts 8:39; 2:41).

III.  As so many do, Felix deferred obedience.

A.  It was not a convenient time for Felix to obey the gospel (Acts 24:25).

B.  When Agrippa heard Paul, he flatly refused the gospel message (Acts 26:24–28).


A.  According to the historical records available, Felix never found a “convenient time,” and his life didn’t turn out anything like he must have hoped. Do you think he ever recalled Paul’s sermon?

B.  If you need to respond to the gospel message, don’t defer your obedience the way Felix did; come today!

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