Trust and Obey

by Roby Ellis          SPANISH/ESPAÑOL

[Scripture Reading: Psalm 18:20-26]


A. When everyone else lets us down, it is even more comforting to know that we can always trust in God (Psalm 22; Job 13:15).

B. It is easy to say we trust God when all is well, but it is during the trying times that we learn how much we really trust Him.

I. Why should we trust God?

A. We should trust Him because He never fails or forsakes (Joshua 23:14; 1 Kings 8:56; 1 Samuel 12:22; Psalm 9:9-10).

B. We should trust Him because He never misleads or betrays (Numbers 23:19; Titus 1:2; Hebrews 6:18).

II. What does it mean to trust God?

A. It means that we follow Him when we don’t know which way to go (Jeremiah 10:23; Hebrews 11:8; 2 Chronicles 20:12,20).

B. It means that we go God’s way even when we think a different way would be better (Exodus 13:17-18; 2 Kings 5:11-14).

III. How much do you trust God?

A. If we trust Him, we will take time to listen to Him (1 Samuel 14:18-20; Psalm 130:5-8; Jeremiah 38:14-24; 39:1-9; 42:1-43:7).

B. If we trust Him, we will listen to what He says and make proper application (James 1:22-25).

C. If we trust Him, we will obey His Word without questioning (Genesis 22:1-3; Acts 2:41).


A. There is much more to trusting God than believing that He will keep us fed, sheltered, and protected from harm.

B. It means that I will seek and follow His counsel no matter what.

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