The Spirit of a Disciple (AM)

Scripture Reading:  Luke 9:62


A.  Throughout His ministry, and particularly near the end, Jesus tries to prepare His disciples for the day when He would be killed.

B.  He also attempts to correct their self-centered understanding of the kingdom of God in which they will play such important roles.


I.  Jesus seeks to correct His disciples’ thinking.

A.  Instead of a self-seeking attitude which insists on being first and greatest (Luke 9:46), they needed a humble, self-sacrificing spirit (vv 21–27).

B.  Jesus attempts to replace their ungracious competitive spirit (v 49) with one of cooperation (v 50).

C.  Jesus endeavors to replace the spirit of vengeful destruction (vv 51–54) with one of edification (vv 55–56).

D.  Jesus also seeks to replace the spirit of defeat with the spirit of a confident faith (vv 10–20, 37–42).

II.  Jesus seeks to prepare His disciples for what is about to happen.

A.  Jesus exposes them three times to the fact that He is about to be killed (vv 21–22, 28–36, 37–45).

B.  He wished for them to remember the things He had said and done among them (vv 18–19, 43).

C.  He wishes for them to see that they lacked nothing as long as they did His work (vv 3–6).


A.  As we go forth, let us go with a generous, sacrificial spirit, one that seeks to work with others and to build others up.

B.  When the trials come, let us never forget the amazing things that God has done in our lives, and let us never forget that so long as we have Christ and His gospel, we have all that we really need.

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