The Curse of Jericho (AM)

Scripture Reading:  1 Kings 16:34


A.  When Jericho fell, the Scriptures say that it was “ the LORD” (Joshua 6:17, King James Version) or “ Jehovah” (American Standard Version).

B.  As it is today, there were some individuals who didn’t take God’s word seriously, and they paid severely for their disobedience.


I.  The Bible tells us about two men who ignored God’s curse.

A.  Achan took the “accursed thing” and hid it in his tent among his own things (Joshua 7:11).

B.  A man named Hiel ignored the curse on Jericho and rebuilt the city over 500 years later (1 Kings 16:34).

II.  Why did Hiel choose to ignore God’s word?

A.  Maybe he ignored the Scripture because he was ignorant of it (cf. Romans 10:1–2; Hosea 4:6; Acts 17:23; Matthew 15:14).

B.  Perhaps he thought that the curse was too old to apply to him (cf. 2 Peter 3:8–9).

C.  He may have though that a God of love would not really do such a thing (cf. Exodus 34:6–7; Romans 2:3–9).

III.  What lessons can we take from this?

A. Even when we don’t understand God’s commands, we must obey them (Isaiah 55:8–9; 2 Kings 5).

B.  Sin’s price is always higher than advertised (Romans 6:23).

C. We cannot use the immorality of others as an excuse for our own disobedience (1 Kings 16:33; Genesis 3:12–13).

D.  When we ignore God’s word, we do so at our own peril (2 Samuel 12:9; 2 Chronicles 36:14–21).


Let us never be found guilty of despising the commandments of God, because He means every word that He says!

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