Serving the Multitudes

Scripture Reading: Mark 3:7-19


A. Sometimes our responsibilities can seem a bit overwhelming.

B. We might feel sometimes as if there is nothing we can do to reach the world, but with Jesus helping us, the possibilities are limitless.


I. Jesus served the multitudes with compassion.

A. To anyone else, this crowd would have seemed a great nuisance (Mark 6:31; 3:9; Matthew 14:15).

B. He saw them as sheep without a shepherd (Mark 6:34).

II. Jesus served the multitudes with discretion.

A. At this point in His ministry, Jesus was trying to maintain a low profile (Mark 3:12; Matthew 12:16-21).

B. This is why He taught the multitudes exclusively in parables (Mark 4:34).

C. We need to use discretion when we interact with the world (Matthew 10:16).

III. Jesus didn’t try to serve the multitudes alone.

A. Jesus solicited the aid of twelve men and gave them great responsibilities (John 4:2; Mark 6:12,39-44; 16:15-18).

B. We need to realize that we can’t do everything on our own (Acts 6:1-7; cf. Exodus 18:13-26).

IV. Jesus served them the Word of God.

A. He refused to feed them bread alone (John 6:26-27).

B. He gave them the truth even when it wasn’t what they wanted (John 6:51,66; cf. 2 Timothy 4:1-4).


Without Jesus we would never be able to have any impact upon the mass of humanity, but with Him we can do the unthinkable.

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