Learning from Proverbs: Relationships (PM)

Scripture Reading:  Proverbs 1:1–7


A.  In spite of the grave mistakes he made in the latter part of his reign, Solomon left us a treasury of wisdom in his writings.

B.  Because relationships are so important, it is hard to imagine a topic more critical than this one which is central to Proverbs.


I.  We learn about relationships with friends and neighbors.

A.  It is always best to try to live in peace with those about us (3:27–30; 26:17–19; cf. Romans 12:17–21).

B.  Friends are a great blessing to be cherished (27:10; 12:26; 22:24–25; 18:24).

C.  A wise man knows how to be a friend in difficult times (17:9, 17; 25:20; 27:5; 28:23).

II.  We learn about relationships between husbands and wives.

A.  Spouses ought ever to be faithful to one another (5:15–20).

B.  There is nothing like a good wife (18:22; 31:10–31).

C.  There is also nothing like a bad one (12:4; 14:1).

III.  We learn about relationships between parents and children.

A.  A good parent will lovingly correct his child when necessary (3:11–12; 13:24; 19:18; 22:15; 23:13–14).

B.  A godly child will heed instruction (13:1; 23:22–25).


A.  Have you been unwise in your relationships with your friends or neighbors, your spouse, or your parents or children?

B.  God can help you fix these problems, and He can also help you fix your relationship with Him if you have left Him.

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