Learning from Jeremiah (PM)

Scripture Reading:  Jeremiah 6:9–20


A.  Jeremiah is known as the “weeping prophet” not only because of the persecution he endured, but also because of the perspective he was given on the decline and fall of God’s people.

B.  The lessons that Jeremiah learned and taught are lessons from which we can still benefit as Christians today.


I.  From Jeremiah we learn a lot about perseverance.

A.  We learn that many people who are living in sin will persevere in that way of life (2:9–13; 4:22; 6:16; 25:4).

B.  For as long as the world perseveres in resisting truth, the faithful must persevere in upholding it (20:8–9).

II.  From Jeremiah we learn to put our trust in God.

A.  No matter how often the world casts it aside, God’s word will always stand (36:23; cf. Isaiah 40:8).

B.  We learn that God will indeed judge all men, including His own people (3:10; 7:3–15; 5:9).

C.  God is our only hope (17:5–8; 30:11; 31:31–34; 11:11–14).

D.  We learn that God can use each of us to accomplish His will (1:6–8; cf. Exodus 3–4; Isaiah 6:5; 1 Corinthians 15:9–10).

E.  God will always take care of us (38:7; 40:4).


A.  Even when the world hates us and refuses to listen to the message God is sending, we need to hold on to the truth and carry it forth.

B.  We must remember that God’s word, as unpopular as it may be today, will stand in the end and that justice will be served to all.

C.  We must also remember that God is the only hope for us and for this perishing world and that He will be with us to carry out the work and to deliver us from adversity.

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