Healthier Hearts (AM)

Scripture Reading:  Matthew 5:17–20


A.  If we want to make ourselves better people, it won’t happen from the outside in, but rather from the inside out.

B.  This is the message of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount, which flatly contradicted so much of the ideology of the Pharisees.


I.  Instead of focusing on behavior, we must change the heart.

A.  It is not enough to refrain from murdering my brother; I need a heart that moves for reconciliation (Matthew 5:21–24).

B.  It is not enough to abstain from adultery; I need a heart that refuses to lust (Matthew 5:27–30).

C.  It is not enough to keep oaths; I need to live a life that makes them unnecessary (Matthew 5:33–37).

D.  It is not enough to do no harm to those who are kind; I need a heart that doesn’t insist on justice (Matthew 5:38–42).

E.  It is not enough for me to love those who love me; I need a heart that can even love my enemy (Matthew 5:43–48).

II.  When the heart is healthy, the body shows signs of good health.

A.  We will do good, but not for man’s recognition (Matthew 6:1–18).

B.  We will not worry about things that needn’t concern us (Matthew 6:19–34).

C.  We will not judge others unfairly (Matthew 7:1–23).


A.  If you find that your heart is diseased, why not let the Great Physician have a look?

B.  When you let Jesus into your heart, don’t be surprised to see Him shining out from day to day.

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